16th Day of Fasting

~~Today is called the "present" because it is a gift from Allah~~

Harini...erm..hari ke 16 puasa..
semalam rasa lapar sgt sebab mayb kesan penghidratan...
Stomach problem yesterday~~~
Malam tadi selepas terawih, enter my room, i thought my rumet was inside but i'm wrong..
So may be my rumet back home 4 while lah~~
Then waiting for rumet because we plan to eat Maggie together tonite n
our mission accomplish!!!

Yesterday I recite al-Quran after Maghrib listen by my rumet, Balqis n after Terawih listen by my form 2 student, Nawal Athirah...
Alhamdulillah..now i reach Juzu' 9...
I hope i able to khatam!!!

I gt meeting tat i hate to attend bcoz i knw that i will row wif one of da teacher here...
all bcoz of using English during lesson..
That teacher about 43 years old and i do respect her,
but "respect" should be in 2 way...
She never accept my suggestions...
And she said that im rude because I argue her point..
But I learn education n this issue already discuss when i studying in University...
Am I rude when I argue someone point?
She said that I always doing mistake n in learning process, how about her?
Whai I knw, we never stop learning until we die..

~~Semua orang diciptakan bijak, tetapi apabila seseorang mengatakan dirinya sudah bijak, sebenarnya dia mula menjadi seorang yang bodoh~~

This is my cat...
I really really miss Onche...
I will back this week....wait 4 me k Onche....

Besok CUTI!!!
sempena Nuzul Al-Quran..
Gumbira rasa di hati~~~

Reflection of Light

Me, Husna, Adani, Khatijah
Izzah, Balqis

Before Majlis Berbuka bersama Yayasan Pahang