Poskad The Sepia Collection

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Saya ingin berkongsi poskad yang dibeli di CM dengan harga RM1.00
Koleksi poskad berwarna hitam putih. sangat nostalgia!
Dipersembahkan.....The Sepia Collection.

 Sekitar Sungai Kelang

Masjid Jamek

Bangunan bersejarah Melaka

 Rumah tradisional Melayu 


Anna Yap said...

Hi there, for the first poskad, do u know what year the photo is taken?
I have the same poskad, I am trying to find out what year it is taken because I am doing a research study on Klang River.
Thanks a lot!

H o n e y s h a said...

Hi anna,thank you for visit my blog
If i am not mistaken, that is the river located near to Central Market. On the right side of the postcard is Masjid Jamek and the left side is Wisma Ekran.
When it is taken, i am not sure. But i think you can go to the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery because i saw the same picture together with the year in the gallery. The gallery really near to the Merdeka Square and the river on the postcard. or else you may refers to this web:http://www.klcitygallery.com/
Or you can refers to Kuala Lumpur Library. also near to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

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